At 22 Bishopsgate, we recognise the power of diverse environments, creating a space where different disciplines and cultures are encouraged to mix, share and thrive, however they choose to.

Passionate about creating a people-centric environment, we know that flexible working is still a core component in every day life for most, but when you are in the office, we’re dedicated to building a thriving community through shared knowledge, conversation and interaction; a place that is worth jumping on that peak time train for!

22 Bishopsgate is a innovative, energetic workplace in the heart of the City of London, but it’s not just a place to work… Designed to thrive; health, wellbeing and happiness are at the core with 150,000 sq ft of shared spaces and endless amenity spaces to explore and enjoy.

Making one vision a reality. Join a thriving, collaborative community in the heart of it all.