In a world where we’re always on the move, consistently seeking new experiences, 22 Bishopsgate offers innovative and thoughtful choices. Our community can experience shared spaces that are energetic, social and dynamic, presenting an evolved work-life balance.

We are committed to amplifying learning and education, and we achieve this through curating and maintaining a cultural and professional diversity amongst our occupiers. Our Culture Team curate an annual events programme designed to offer new and inspiring opportunities, challenge the status quo and drive learning. The 22B App brings this all together, providing our community with a digital space for discovering new experiences, reading interesting thought pieces, connecting with exciting businesses and sparking conversation and collaboration.

22 Bishopsgate has partnered with The Contemporary Art Society, Maison Parisienne, and a few other renowned artists — and together they created the beautiful pieces that uplift our shared spaces.

From our coloured canopies to our sculpted lobby furniture, these designs start conversations, inspire ideas, and spark a sense of joy.

To read more about each designer and the inspirations for their work, download our Artists Guide here