When we imagined 22 Bishopsgate, we envisaged a thriving destination where passionate businesses across diverse landscapes could unite, learn and explore new ways of working.

At 22B our four commitments Learning & Education, Health & Wellness, Diversity & Inclusion and Environment & Sustainability underpin everything that we do and our bespoke Environmental, Social and Governance policy is paramount to the success of the building and community, much more than just the paper they’re written on (or typed on!) and form a large proportion of our key ethos and values.


Imagine a building engineered for optimum sustainability.

The entire 22 Team work to a set of circular economy principles to reduce waste and make the smallest impact possible on the environment. Our service partners are required to take the same approach, from the procurement of environmentally considerate brands and products, to sourcing renewable electrical energy. We support our tenants to embrace greener processes via our innovative consolidation centre, (which reduces our delivery emission by 96%) and using smart systems and services that assist in both energy saving and reducing waste.


We place diversity at the core of our policy making. Our community is a wholly inclusive one, encouraged to ask challenging questions and to champion fairness and inclusion through our operations and our programme. We train all our 22 Team partners on the importance of diversity and inclusion, equality and equity. Every brand we partner with must work to the Mayor of London’s Diversity Pledge and London Living Wage Recommendations.

Our local community is of great importance and we’re working with carefully chosen local organisations, charities, education centres and businesses to share knowledge and resources.


We believe in working closely with our people, partners, tenants and supply chain and we are transparent about our impacts.

At 22 Bishopsgate we integrate ESG into all of our decision making. By working in collaboration with our service partners and occupiers we work to improve our and their impacts utilising technology to improve the quality of people lives and generating connections.