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Built for the Future

When it comes to being a Smart Building, 22 Bishopsgate is able to push the boundaries in London.

When I talk to people about what it means to be a smart building, I talk about all the ways in which data can be used to provide some kind of intelligence about how the building is running sustainably, or how popular a space is or how it keeps us healthy and productive.

In fact, sustainability, space, health and productivity are now so important to both CEOs and employees, that smart technologies will be the defacto in the future. More than ever, we’re conscious about how our employers care for the planet, use resources responsibly and keep us at our best. For an employer, it’s well documented that the right workplace is what attracts and retains top talent. Who doesn’t want to work in a cool office?

With this in mind, we set about creating a building that is possible of all those things.

It all starts when you walk through the front door. If you’re anything like me, you always forget your security pass. I’d forget my head if it wasn’t screwed on. Fortunately for me, 22 Bishopsgate has facial recognition for the access gates. By comparing who it sees at turnstiles to the picture I gave at sign up, it’ll recognise me and let me walk straight in. This kind of technology makes me feel like the building trusts me. Yet, I still know that I’m safe.

With our WELL certification, we can add sensors to the building to prove how healthy it is, in real-time. We could tell you about how much natural sunlight you’re getting or how we’ve protected you from London pollution.

A clever building needs a robust platform to run off. That’s why 22 Bishopsgate has teamed up with Microsoft to run some core digital services on the Microsoft Azure Digital Twin platform. The building has access to a farm of servers in the cloud, crunching the numbers and storing information on how the building is operating. In the future we’ll be able to understand ways in which we can make 22 Bishopsgate even better for the planet and for its people.

But rather than waiting for the future, we’ll start crunching those numbers with an energy analytics programme. We’ll be using machine learning and years’ worth of research and development to understand how we can reduce our energy consumption. This programme takes the intelligence to the next level: by monitoring the data coming out of the building’s central BMS (building management system, it’s a bit like the brain of the building), we can predict equipment breakdown, before it happens. We call this fault detection and diagnosis. It means that maintenance can be done so you should never notice an issue.

Underlying all those advanced applications is a strong Building Technology Systems infrastructure. Think of it as foundations, but for technology. We’ve included the ability for each tenant to make sure that their employees have mobile phone signal anywhere in the building. Data is a must, that’s why all common areas have super-speedy Wi-Fi. In fact, it’s so speedy everyone could stream their Netflix favourite, at the same time. Even if you walk around the building, you won’t even notice that you’ve hopped onto another access point. Don’t take our word for it. 22 Bishopsgate received the industry’s highest WiredScore, Platinum. The building can receive incoming telecoms from multiple operators and has built-in resilience. You could say we have bullet-proof internet.

This is not a fixed point-in-time set of technologies. It’s been designed to be Future Ready. Having a kit of plug and play parts and programmes means we can unlock new functionality in the future – just like installing a new app on your smart phone.

I’m excited to see how 22 Bishopsgate will be the building that inspires others to create smart buildings.

WiredScore Platinum certified

22 Bishopsgate is a WiredScore Platinum Certified building, assuring that 22 Bishopsgate’s infrastructure, wireless coverage, connectivity and power are of the highest quality.