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Health and Wellbeing

Fresh food, digital detox zone, bikes, gym, retreat + public space.

Health & Wellbeing

22 Bishopsgate has been designed with people’s health and wellness in mind. Our ambition is to make a significant and positive impact on your business and the people in our building community.

take the stairs...

Take our stairwells, they’re bright and full of colour, good for your body and good for your spirit.

60% more daylight...

Our 3m high floor-to-ceiling windows with low-iron glass let in 60% more daylight, 22 Bishopsgate’s façade geometry maximises views across London.

Delos WELL Building Standard

Twentytwo is the first UK core and shell building to apply for the International WELL Building Institute TM WELL Building Standard TM, meaning all aspects have been designed to improve and encourage the nutrition, fitness, mood, sleep patterns and performance of its occupants.