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Our Commitments

Wellbeing, Inclusion, Knowledge and Environment.

22 Bishopsgate’s Commitments

The vision for 22 Bishopsgate is about its people.

Working with JLL Upstream, one of the largest and most experienced sustainability consulting teams in our industry, we are developing 22 Bishopsgate’s Commitments. Its byline is ‘We Are The Building’, which describes our commitments to those who occupy it; also to the wider world.

There are four core elements:

We Enhance Wellbeing 

We will provide a building that takes care of its people, not the other way around.

We Champion Inclusion

We will create a cohesive community by giving opportunities for people from diverse backgrounds and treating each other with mutual respect.

We Inspire Knowledge 

We will ensure people leave the building richer in knowledge than when they entered.

We Value the Environment 

We will balance our impacts so that we give back more than we take.

Our view is that sustainability is not a certificate achieved at a point in time; instead, it’s a new way of managing buildings that always reflects its people and their evolving needs and values.