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1.5m planning module. 3.0 kN/sq m floor loading capacity and 7.5 kN/sq m in part for heavier needs


Triple skin glazing with integrated and sealed, automatic solar blinds reduce solar gain and minimise cooling needs. Low-iron glass delivers 60% more daylight penetration.


Ceiling Height:
3.00m (2.85m in top tier) for better volume and daylight (raised floor to suspended ceiling).


Occupation Density:
1 person per 8 sq m specification future-proofs longer-term use options.


12 litres per second fresh air for each person assuming 1:8 sq m occupation.


Electrical Resilience:
Dual 33kv main network supplies backed-up by 100% standby generation.


Base build plus separate dedicated cooling available on demand to meet specialist needs without additional tenant plant.


Building Operation:
Intelligent Building Management System (BMS) permitting integration of landlord and tenant systems.


Arrival Security:
Smart personal entry system, enabled for secure facial recognition, security passes and QR codes – depending on preference.

Passenger Lifts:
Direct lobby to destination floor journey via Europe’s fastest double decker lifts – no stops.


Goods Lifts:
Three, 3,000kg capacity lifts serve all office floors.


Fibre Installation:
Pre-installed private fibre conduits for rapid installation and added security (blown-fibre installation).


Landlord Wi-Fi network throughout the building common areas.


Mobile Connectivity:
Full strength signal in all common spaces. Option to install on all office floors.


Digital Connectivity:
WiredScore Platinum Certified building infrastructure. Includes dual POP rooms for extra resilience.


A remote Consolidation Centre reduces lorry deliveries by an estimated 80% for added security, safety and sustainability. Scope for off-site storage and automated fulfilment.


Personal Wellbeing:
Shell and core WELL accredited to facilitate occupiers obtaining a WELL Gold accreditation.


Occupier Platform:
An occupier engagement platform, to connect the 22 Bishopsgate building service, concierge and community experience.